March, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Tony Abi Saab is establishing a strong connection with terror groups in the Middle East

Abi Saab using his legal company to cover up his illicit trades

The chaos created by imperialist intervention in the Middle Eastern countries is the reason for the growth of ISIS and other terror groups. Now, when these imperialistic countries try to clear the mess then people like Tony Abi Saab turns their backs from human rights and world peace.

The question is how fraud and arms dealing take place? The answer lies in deep scanning of a shadow infrastructure group that makes it a business to supply infrastructure to suspected terror groups and making the profit out of it.

Sarah Lee in Afghanistan is a non existing person and a creation of Tony’s evil brain for procuring contracts. She was winning large scale US Army contracts in Afghanistan under the banner of a Lebanese company Sima Salazar Group and shadow companies such as Tactical Ltd Afghanistan, K5 Global, Bennet-Fouch, G2Armory and SIMAINT.

The arms dealer, Tony Abi Saab’s company BME was later cited by the US Court. Tony set up the network backed with fake identities, Lebanese bank account, and shell companies. He utilized his infrastructure to support his shadowy businesses.

Brescia Middle East (BME) was banned from doing business in the US. But, Tony Abi Saab became freer and now set up shell companies in Europe. He started by establishing shell companies around the world. He did so calculatedly and carefully to be safe any treaties against him, banking regulations and friendly shipping ports where smuggling was possible.

He currently owns and operates over 18 shell companies around the world which assist in purchasing and rebranding of weapons. Tony’s new infrastructure is now being used to sell weapons to all sides of any Civil war in Africa and the Middle East.

Chief Editor