March, 19 2019 /Politics, Law & Society

Accused illegal arms dealer Tony Abi Saab is supplying weapons to war-torn countries through his ghost companies in Europe

EU should reform strict laws to address illicit arms trafficking to tackle complex security challenges

Powerful firearms in the hands of terrorists, criminals, and other unauthorized actors pose a serious threat to international security. Illicit firearms have been used in several terrorist attacks in Europe. In the EU's neighborhood, many conflicts are fuelled by the proliferation of illicit weapons. Tony Abi Saab owner of Brescia Middle East (BME) and numerous shell companies are supplying weapons to the government as well as terrorist organizations. He is traveling freely in the EU and doing shady business.

Tony Abi Saab has numerous shell companies in Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, and Serbia which supplies expensive weapons, shotguns, and smart ammunition to the terrorist troops. The US Army indicted Tony Abi Saab’s company Brescia Middle East (BME) of contractual fraud for 5 million USD. He was flown to the US to stand a trial. He played smartly by diverting his case to a civil court instead of a military court. He didn’t serve a jail term because of a technicality in a circuit court.

Tony is a shrewd business tycoon who supplies weapons to all sides of the Syrian conflicts via his shell companies to make a tax-free profit. He is traveling to the EU freely. EU border should update their policies to keep track of the border checks and visa issuance to stop serious crimes like weapons smuggling. Also, the EU should maintain a database of people who have been accused or convicted of weapons smuggling, and such people should not be allowed to enter EU territory. The updated policies should restrict the travel and arms supplying activities of Tony Abi Saab.

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